DOWN THE HATCH by John Winton


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This a problem. When Monserrat back around 1943 published his Corvette stories, they seemed too technical, too British, for American consumption. And yet the quality of the writing overcame the limitations of the content for our readers- and his work went well beyond in sales appeal. John Winton may well follow a similar pattern. His deals again technically and again with thoroughly British implications, references and with the shakedown cruise and the war games of a submarine, with her and her officers. But despite the limitations, there are little of sharp character vignettes and a few sustained examples of superb yarn-spinning that help surmount the other hurdles for American readers. John Winton is an author to watch. And the dedicated audience for all submarine books will find this to their liking.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1962
Publisher: St. Martin's Press