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HEY, WAIT A MINUTE (I WROTE A BOOK!) by John with Dave Anderson Madden Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1984
Publisher: Villard/Random House

Madden, TV-football's amends for Howard Cosell, makes the transition into print as comfortably, and unpretentiously, as he once shifted from coaching the Oakland Raiders to commenting on the Sunday NFL games. (Kudos to Dave Anderson, for his part.) In a thematic aside, coupled with a reference to Cosell: ""Even now, working for CBS, a football game to me is always a game. Not a show."" Madden opens with his retirement from coaching--after a record-setting 103 wins in ten seasons, after Darryl Stingley's crippling collision with Jack Tatum. But he's careful to exonerate Tatum--and as for NFL violence: ""other than abolishing the game, I don't know what you can do to make it less violent."" Madden, induced to give TV a try, is light-hearted about his first fumbles, shrewd about the rewards: ""As a TV analyst, I still have a football season. I think that's what most guys miss when they leave the sport."" He expands on his flying phobia, the pleasures of traveling by train. Then it's back and forth--from boyhood and college, to snaps of college coaching, and all those seasons with the Raiders, the Miller High Lite commercials, the Super Bowls. The dialogue zips, the personalities crackle (Al Davis, Billy Martin, Kenny Stabler), Madden gets off a nice compliment, an after-thought. With live-action all the way: a book that won't let any of Madden's many fans down.