JOLIE GABOR by Jolie & Cindy Adams Gabor


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With no wrinkles the heart"" under the decolletage, Jolie (sometimes Jolika, always Nuci to her three daughters and whom she used to mix up now in her mid-seventies, confides her story partly to show the girls that she can be more entertaining while living almost as fully as the flawless Zsa Zsa with three lovers, two ""enormous love affairs,"" and three husbands--the first one, Vilmos, stayed around long after the divorce. She was not a pretty child until she was thirteen but by seventeen had developed sufficiently to attract any passing eye in the era when sex was called lovemaking. What a lot they all had even if the most famous and flamboyant Zsa Zsa loved George Sanders best--for sixteen years--then arranged his marriage to sister Magda just before he ""made his suicide."" Jolie of course had her pearl salon on Madison Avenue which kept her busy if not always in diamonds.... A whipped cream pompadour but then la dolce Nuci is all canny volupte in this age of braless nubbins.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1975
Publisher: Mason/Charter