THE WEATHERMAN GUY by Jon Burmeister


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Technical data lends an authoritative postscript to the code-name Weatherman Guy, yet another in the Anno Domini of Black Saturdays and Sundays when the same young militants who blew up that house on 11th Street in New York try to do the same to the Houses of Parliament on the day of their opening by the Queen. To be watched (not the IRA or Hennessy or Rod Steiger) is a beautiful girl called Karen Einsbach eaten alive by snarling hatred and a duodenal ulcer she tries to cool with antacids and Valiums. But not before she's responsible for the death of four and perhaps the ten-megaton atomic bomb said to be under the commode of the Queen's throne before a more watchful rather than effective FBI/Scotland Yard can declare the operation in hand. Even if the scenario possibilities have been nullified by that other vehicle, still Burmeister keeps his story moving fast behind Karen's Jaguar and there's some nice detail, true, false and atavistic to a degree we might think impossible did we not know otherwise.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1975
Publisher: St. Martin's