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Debut author Franklyn’s fantasy novel examines a kingdom at war.

“Raaj” Raajanaar is the Master of Forbidden Magic. Raaj’s “maiggii,” or apprentice, is a youth of 16­ by the name of Yron. Yron shows great promise with magic, but the problem with forbidden magic is of course that it’s forbidden. While there is plenty of regular magic for Yron and Raaj to practice, the banned forms refer to “warrior magic” that can be used for violent purposes. The prohibited nature of this type of mystical skill dates back 1,000 years to the signing of a document called “The Carta.” Desperate times, though, call for desperate measures. Raaj and Yron receive a message: Prince Purstar, a son of King Timon, has been wounded and needs a difficult and forbidden spell to save him. King Timon is currently at war with the Shakarine, and he can use just about all the help he can get. Yron and Raaj agree to rescue the prince, although the task before them is a formidable one. So begins an epic adventure that rages with spells, battles, warriors, and a range of characters. The setup is intriguing: Magic is all well and good (and spells in the book range from teleportation to “silence” spells), but what if certain spells are illegal? Of course the storyline goes well beyond this initial conundrum and occasionally goes too far, as with infodumps on different types of bows used in battle or the implementation of a “sewage waste management system.” At one point, we learn that a character’s day “was uneventful.” Still, this fantasy is continually exciting. As cast members meet and separate and reunite, the plot constantly morphs. Battles are fought; spells are cast; and the fates of many individuals hang in the balance for what is ultimately a lengthy though imaginative adventure.

Sometimes long-winded but always in motion.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9994505-1-2
Page count: 530pp
Publisher: Carbynarah Chronicles
Program: Kirkus Indie
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