A WINTER'S TALE by Jon Godden


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Jon Godden's modern winter's tale is a pleasing entertainment and it is the caprice of a young woman, and an Alsatian bitch dog, which disrupts the pipe and woodsmoke peacefulness of Jerome Holt's chosen life alone in a rural spot, with his former batman Peter. A middle aged man and a successful writer, Holt needs only his orchids and an occasional week in London as diversion, and he is at first a reluctant host if later an acceptant lover- to Una, a young woman whose stay is extended for a week by a heavy snowfall. While Jerome thaws (Una has a childlike charm), Peter does not hide his disapproval nor does Sylvie, their dog, who not only attacks Una but for the first time runs wild, killing two sheep in the surroundings. Jerome's choice is not difficult- he sends Una away, and Una, in pique, lets the dog loose and is responsible for her death.... Miss Godden, a writer with a strongly developed visual sense, adds a picture-book prettiness to her autumnal romance and winter landscape and women will find it attractive.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1960
Publisher: Knopf