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SAM SAMURAI by Jon Scieszka


The Time Warp Trio

by Jon Scieszka & illustrated by Adam McCauley

Age Range: 9 - 11

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-670-89915-1
Publisher: Viking

Guys writing poetry? What a radical concept. Horsing around over a homework assignment, the Time Warp Trio inadvertently utters a haiku near The Book, and is “flushed down four hundred years,” to ancient Japan where, after heroically wiping out an empty suit of samurai armor, nearly getting sliced into sushi by plug-ugly samurai Owattabut (guess why) and meeting their own granddaughters (see 2095, 1995) paddling along on a temporal jaunt of their own, the three entertain the great Ieyasu Tokugawa himself with a string of haiku that propel them back to Brooklyn—but merit only a C- from their teacher, Ms. Basho. Aswirl with mini-lectures and crumbs of general information about Japanese poetry and society, the arbitrary plot line and wiseacre dialogue will elicit the usual rumbles—of laughter, that is. It’s not the freshest of the Trio’s escapades, but the author plainly isn’t ready to throw in the bowel—er, towel, quite yet. (Fiction. 9-11)