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SUDOKIDS.COM by Jonathan Bloom


: Sudoku Puzzles For Children Ages 4-8

by Jonathan Bloom

Pub Date: Dec. 21st, 2008
ISBN: 978-0620405935

Sudoku wizard Bloom introduces the complicated game to children in this easy-to-use guide.

In theory, Sudoku is a remarkably elementary game. But its logic can leave many first-time players–children and adults alike–a little stumped. Bloom offers this easy how-to guide for children, which also features special instructions on how adults can better teach the game to young ones. The author starts simply–after a quick history of Sudoku, he introduces the key formatting and terminology associated with the game. Though it may seem unnecessary to explain columns and rows, even the most puzzle-obsessed adult will find it refreshing to see the board broken down so straightforwardly, as when he demonstrates that all Sudoku boards begin with four giant squares and then are subdivided. Bloom encourages readers to fill the obvious numbers into rows or columns to demonstrate the overall rules of the game on a small scale. After a few such exercises, the author builds up to actual Sudoku boards, giving kids the opportunity to try their hand at games labeled “Quick and Easy,” “Medium” and “Challenging.” Of course, even at their most difficult, these puzzles are rather rudimentary, but that’s OK. He points out that the book was designed around the curricula of first, second and third grade–a clever and direct strategy. With almost 200 puzzles and lessons, the book will keep kids busy without boring them, and gives just enough of the game to keep them wanting more. Brilliant in how it relates to its audience, is ideal for any child who wants to learn how to solve one of America’s most popular puzzles.

A smart, entertaining children’s activity book.