A BEASTLY COLLECTION by Jonathan Coudrille


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Less beastly than simply dismal, as the first of 26 alliterative entries demonstrates: ""Abigail, Ada, Agatha, Aileen, Alphonsine, Amelia, Anne,/ Also April, Arabella, Astrid and Athena's Aunt Avis and other ants/ Respectfully avoid an amazing animal/ Depicted at ease among asphodel, agrimony and alkanet./ Various anachronistic associations are apparent-- / At the apex of Ararat is an antediluvian ark/ Replete with assorted animals/ Keenly aware of their awesome altitude."" Not all 26 are that far out of the intended readaloud audience's reach but they're all similarly tiresome, pointless, unrhythmic and pseudosophisticated. The author's fine line illustrations display more technical skill and flair but also the same self-satisfied, adult-oriented superficiality.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1975
Publisher: Warne