EUROPE A GO-GO by Jonathan Fox


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The author, fresh out of Harvard, landed a job on a ""student ship,"" one of those unique transports carrying young people to Europe and vice versa. During his five crossings and one cruise, he had a special opportunity to view the sometimes outstanding differences between young Americans and Europeans and in these observations he makes some adroit comparisons. Americans leave their manners back at the dock and have a general disregard for food and furniture, whereas Europeans, with customary savoir faire, keep their feet on the ground and not on the nearest settee. Americans act with a feverish intensity (""What shall we do?"") while Europeans have ""no war with the present."" Americans drink to get drunk; Europeans drink as an accompaniment to having a good time. Americans don't know how to have a good time. Americans are sexually naive whereas... On the other hand, Americans are freer, more open, not afraid to make mistakes, less class conscious and way ahead when it comes to confronting political and intellectual issues. Much of this has been said before but Mr. Fox writes with a bounce and a flair for description. He demonstrates each point by anecdote or incident. Geared to the ""Go-Go"" generation it also lists some ""Practical Aids for Student Travellers.

Publisher: Stein & Day