FLIGHT INTO SPACE by Jonathan Leonard


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Coming out of the fiction into the kitchen where things are brewing, here is high attitude thinking on the theory and practice, so far, of rocket flight and the inevitability of space flight. The work at White Sands, New Mexico; the theories of Dr. Wernher von Braun; the pioneering in the new frontiers of technology; the solidest achievements to date; the unreal beliefs that escape from earth is immediate and the real faith that boundaries beyond earth can be expanded -- these have their complements in the problems to be faced -- in both human and machine. Besides the astronauts, telescope, radio, other gelaotial orbs, colonization and life in outer space are discussed from current knowledge and in theory. Travellers' tales of a future in which a never-never land comes closer. The science editor of Time Magazine space-stares with both eyes open.

Publisher: Random House