DROPPED DEAD by Jonathan Ross


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This new case for Detective Supt. George Rogers (Dead Eye, Death's Head, etc.) begins with a novel means of body disposal: the victim--35-ish, promiscuous Kirstin Mahir--is killed elsewhere and dropped into the landscape from a small plane. So, along with Kirstin's psychologist-husband, the suspects include the members of a small flying club nearby, headed by RAF Commander Hugh Corbersley. Were several of the club-members Kirstin's lovers? So it seems--as Rogers interviews flying instructor Peter Grogan, nasty solicitor Laurence Huke, nonentity Ralph Lambert (Corbersley's son-in-law), and others. But there are also two women connected with the club: sexy, self-possessed Lisa Fromme and uptight secretary Lesley Tighe--both of whom put Rogers' self-imposed celibacy under stress. (As usual, one can almost hear his heavy breathing.) And the sleuthing eventually leads to a workable scenario of what happened, with a grim confirmation soon to follow. Wispy characters, fancy writing, and a heavy-footed pace: one of Ross' lesser efforts.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1985
Publisher: St. Martin's