BURIAL DEFERRED by Jonathan Ross


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Another complex case for divorced, overly introspective Detective Superintendent George Rogers (Dead Eye), who one day finds himself in the hospital with head injuries and amnesia, having been pulled from his crashed car in the early hours of the morning. He and Lingard, his foppish, snuff-using second-in-command, agree that he'd been attacked somewhere along the sparsely settled coast road near the town of Thurnholme Bay, probably for interfering in someone's criminal act. Then the body of a bullet-ridden young woman is washed ashore next day, and George soon identifies her as Angola Foxton, vacationing at the lone house near where he and his car were found. The house's owner is blind, beautiful Phaedre Haggar, a widow who rents rooms to summer visitors. Angela had arrived with Leslie Gough but soon switched her volatile affections to Michael Whitaker, roommate of vodka-soaked antique-dealer Seb Quennell. Michael has disappeared; other roomers seem to be hiding something connected to the cliffside beach--but George, still half-concussed and half in love with Phaedra, manages to produce a convincing motive and murderer. Lots of stylistic embroidery and George's endless soul-searching slow the pace, but interesting locale and solid plotting help make this one of Ross' better efforts.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1986
Publisher: St. Martin's