THE THREE FEARS by Jonathan Stagge
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The setting- a summer resort on the Cape; the characters- theatrical and radio people, chiefly, with two rival actresses playing lead roles, -- Daphne Winters, with her ""five sweet symphonies"", budding actresses to whom she gives summer tutelage, and Lucy Millken, ""America's Most Beloved Actress"", one time understudy to the Divine Daphne, now her bitter rival. The feud is played out between the two, with repercussions expected by none, as apparently attempt after attempt is made on Daphne's life and sanity, by using knowledge of her three fears,- poison, claustrophobia and fire. That others are victims to the nefarious scheme seems of little moment. Most readers would wish the murder had been successful at first attempt. But meantime, the author- with the aid of narrator Dr. Westlake, met in previous books,- spins out the story with full quota of thrills and chills.

Publisher: Doubleday