SON AND STRANGER by Josa Charles


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Less oblique than The Dark Glass, this is again a psychologically toned novel of human relationship, handled with intelligence and probity. Here is a variation on the silver cord theme, in the story of Jon and his mother, overprotective, demanding, insidious and disarming. Playing her hand with knowledgeable finesse, she keeps Jon to herself, for herself, disparaging or dismissing his friends, his likes, his desire to write. Once away at the University, Jon marries Jennifer, brings her home to his mother's house, lacks the courage to resist his mother, -- and has a total breakdown at her death. Only the painful recall of the episode that led to her death, his revolt against her and realization of her falsity, sets him free. A convincing, often compelling study of personalities, for a discerning feminine audience....The success of the Ben Ames Williams' books seems to have fostered a whole new crop of psychological novels dealing with somewhat similar subjects. This for that market.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1945
Publisher: Harper