WE HIDE, YOU SEEK by Jose & Ariane Dewey Aruego


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An almost wordless lesson in camouflage, disguised as a hide-and-seek game of the hidden-pictures variety, this has a blobby red rhino (playing ""it"") bumbling through a variety of landscapes and accidentally flushing out great numbers of hiding animals with his sneezing, wild digging, and so on. The way the artists ""hide"" the different animals is to paint them indistinctly in one picture, then more clearly in the next--for example, catlike faces trailing off into brownish dots against a yellow background are given clear baby-leopard outlines on the next page, when they are startled into new positions by the cry of another animal whose tail the rhino has stepped on. Later on, after many more such unveilings, two dull green strips on the water materialize as crocodiles and are given distinct eyes and open mouths. The fun is a bit forced, but the lesson is consolidated in the end papers, which name all the animals pictured and group them according to the three featured habitats: East African bush, desert, and swamp.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1980
Publisher: Greenwillow