MAN AT THE CROSSROADS by Jose Ferrater Mora


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Imagine all of human history as a struggle of consciousness with the problems of reality- and you will find that in some form all answers have been reduced to God, Man, Society, and Nature. You will find further that no meaningful or lasting solution has ever come forward by making any single one of the four forces supreme. All four, dynamically, must function together. The crisis of our time consists in the failure of all ideologies which have established a supremacy and left a disproportion, an imbalance. Whatever political, social, or religious course man takes today, his only hope for ""renewal"" lies in reconciling and giving impetus to the four themes of his existence. Such is the thesis adduced and demonstrated in a continual oscillation from pure philosophic to pure historic analysis. The Toynbee-type audience will be very receptive; but congenial to any sweeping ponderer.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1957
Publisher: Beacon