THE ITCHING PARROT by Jose Josquin Fernandez


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In retrospect, this seems no more alluring than when read and reported, on ""'The Itching Parrot' was the nickname of a Mexican of the Colonial Period in and this is his story, the story of a scapegrace, a rascal, a ne'er do well, who from childhood the conveniently blames everything unhappy on the milk he took from his wet nurse's breasts), cheated and loafed and abused his opportunities. Katherine Anne Porter has -- in her translation -- kept faithfully to the spirit of the original, and written an introduction. But this was not enough to interest me as the shameless Poll recounts for his children and children's children -- the ribald tale of his adventures in monasteries, schools, iums, brothels and jails of Mexico -- with occasional wanderings into fair maidens' boudoirs in haciendas of rural Mexico. A classic in Spanish America (estimated to have sold 100,000,000 copies), it held no charm for me, and it is difficult to see how it can appeal to American audiences. I was 'not amused'.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran