MAN AND PEOPLE by Jose Ortega y Gasset


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A posthumous collection of this author's series of lectures in Philosophy (the first was delivered as early as 1939 in Argentina) develops the search for clear ideas and truths regarding ""society"". Early chapters are devoted to the clarification of fundamentals, starting with man's unique ability to suspend his direct concern with his surroundings and ""attend to his own inwardness""; pointing out man as the only reality that ""does not simply consist in being but must choose its own being"", who, to live, must face and come to terms with whatever makes the world. The sequence is logical and treats at length with definitions of environment,- you, I, people, usage, public opinion- and closes with the lecture on the development of language. This last book, from the man whose The Revolt of the Masses is now in a 25th anniversary edition, newly designed and reset, is sure of attention from those who know that he will provide active mental gymnastics in his dissection to the roots of today's social, political and governmental structures in dissertations that, requiring close attention, are rewarding and revealing.

ISBN: 0393001237
Publisher: Norton