SPICY LADY by Joseph A. Daley


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Recorded in active vocal verbs (howl, yelp, moan or croak -- unfortunately the latter is not serf-fulfilling) on one page (glare, blare, screech and bellow on another), this is the story of the launching of Spicy Lady's (an old company's line of spices) Spicy Lady (a spieler) whose name is Wanda and whose enormous endowment in the upper mezzanine is designed to stimulate incomparable Wandalust which she does -- on the 21"" wide wide world of television. But of course there's trouble for fat mouthed Jack Shaw (he found her) and his wife, particularly after it is revealed that this street-smart girl, previously a butcher, had learned to carve up prime cuts in Auschwitz and eaten them. ""Who would do a thing like that?"" ""His stomach roiled at the thought, and he felt the sharp warmth of urine spurt as his body sagged. . . whipping taut in the frantic spasm of true terror. The instant charge of adrenalin through his system spasmed every nerve."" Who would write like that?

Pub Date: Dec. 13th, 1973
Publisher: St. Martin's Press