THE SCARLET RAIDER by Joseph B. Icenhower


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A boy's adventure story with vicarious thrills for the would-be soldier. During the Civil War, the Mosby Rangers gained the admiration of southerners for their furious sporadic raids against the Federal troops. Young Tim Morgan idolized Captain Mosby and longed to be part of his group. But because he was too young, instead, he expressed his hatred for the North by smuggling supplies through Federal lines. Having been recognized as a smuggler and released by a kind-hearted captor, Tim can no longer perform this function and he is permitted to join the partisans. With them Tim learns the rudiments of battle and participates in numerous raids. He learns an important lesson when Yanks and rebels join forces and still maintain their dignity. Spicy dialect and an absorbing pace will hold the masculine audience.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1961
Publisher: Chilton