TWENTY DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE WORLD by Joseph B. (Lt. Col. USA Ret.) & Creasy, Mitchell


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Sir Edward's classic study, now over a hundred years old, has been updated with five new battles. Colonel Mitchell admits also that he revamped the earlier text to conform with facts revealed during the past century. The new battles are Vicksburg, Sadowa, the Marne, Midway and Stalingrad. Those covered by Sir Edward include Marathon, Syracuse, Tours, Hastings, Joan of Arc's victory at Orleans, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Blenheim, Poltava, Saratoga, Waterloo and five others. That these are the decisive battles of their respective wars is attested to by the choice of Stalingrad over Normandy or Vicksburg rather than Gettysburg. Sir Edward's fifteen studies are refreshingly straightforward and don't diddle with facts or tubthump for humanistic ideals. His analysis of the characters of Joan of Arc and Attila the Hun are especially revealing. Colonel Mitchell's best moments are when he reveals the war plans and motives of the Japanese who, he says, were realists and never planned to invade the United States. They expected us to capitulate once they had defeated us in the Pacific and after Hitler was victorious in Europe. His study of Hitler's invasion of Russia is a model of exposition, balancing tactics with character analysis.

Publisher: Macmillan