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A flimsy self-help schema, constructed on a four-part scaffolding which categorizes all life-processes in terms of ""introductory,"" ""resistance-testing,"" ""productive,"" and ""termination"" phases. The idea is that the four phases ought to be equally necessary parts of a cycle integral to all group formation and group activities (a group is anything from two lovers to a nation), but different people tend to bog down at different stages of the cycle without realizing it. The chaos of your ordinary affairs will resolve into miraculous manageability when you learn to analyze all people and events in terms of the four stages and respond with the behavior appropriate to each stage--i.e., don't hire an introductory type, full of bright ideas but not interested in implementing them, to do a job which requires a resistance-testing (critical evaluation) or productive (getting on with the work at hand) approach. As a typology of personality makeup and interpersonal dynamics, this compares quite favorably with the Renaissance theory of humors--and promises benefits unknown to Ben Jonson: freedom from anxiety, ""a power over your own destiny,"" and ""that sense of stability and security so necessary to dealing with your problems successfully.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1976
Publisher: Evans