MONOPOLY by Joseph C. Goulden


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With the built-in urgency of the telephone ring, Joseph C. Goulden (The Curtis Caper) connects with AT&T ""a unique monopoly whose profits are guaranteed, whose investments are risk free, and whose conduct is largely outside the control of government, the customers it serves, even the three million individuals and institutions that share its ownership."" AT&T has assets of 38.3 billion, grossed 12.6 in 1966; it owns twenty subsidiary companies, including Western Electric, through which it controls the telephone equipment industry. Mr. Goulden admits to stressing the negative as he ticks off company history and development, run-in's with the FCC, legislative pressuring, deliberate pacing of new instrument availability, its takeover of COMSAT (a give-away). As to regulation: ""to leave the next thirty or so pages blank would be a flippant, but not overly inaccurate way to dispose of the subject."" Mr. Goulden had better take his phone off the hook.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1968
Publisher: Putnam