NO LASTING HOME by Joseph Dever


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Joseph Dever's initial effort as a novelist is recommended as a genuine charact study of the sacrifices and self-privations of Ed Creedin for his younger brother Gerry. Realising as a child that Gerry has talent of great promise, Ed subverts his own desires for Law School, postpones his marriage to Martha and loses her, supports his family without complaint, hoping that Gerry will accomplish what he could not. It is through the assistance of a Catholic priest, Father Boley, that Ed's dreams for Gerry materialize, and at the close Gerry follows closely in the steps of Father Boley in the work of God. Using the locale of Boston as a backdrop, the author paints an absorbing picture of Ed's environment and its effects on his life. His story, a rewarding one, has much that is real and human, and will have a special appeal for a Catholic market.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1947
Publisher: Bruce