ROOLOO: Stag of the Dark Water by Joseph E. Chipperfield
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ROOLOO: Stag of the Dark Water

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Set in the sweeping Highlands of Scotland, this sensitive tale of a young stag reared in captivity and then set free to fend for himself in his natural habitat is a stirring addition to Ghost Horse and Dark Fury, two earlier books by this author. Rooloo was only two weeks old when young Ian rescued him from a sliding scree. Brought into contact with humans for the first time, the young calf soon develops a strong sense of trust in man. Yet as the months go by, it becomes painfully clear to Ian that Rooloo can no longer be held. The call of the woodland is strong, and Rooloo answers it, poorly equipped to deal with an animal world that had become foreign. His lessons in defense against other creatures as well as humans, his survival against the hazards of weather, his adventures with Sloe-Eye, the hind, are told in a relentless narrative ideally suited to the subject. A perceptive portrayal of the primitive struggle with echoes of the Scottish Highlands, this will appeal to a wide audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1962
Publisher: Roy