THE GRAY DOG FROM GALTYMORE by Joseph E. Chipperfield


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Strife in the O'Brien household causes their newly acquired puppy Silver to take off for the hills of the Irish countryside. Having known friendship and love, the puppy extends it to another animal in trouble, only to be taken prisoner himself. Seamus Troy the tinker was known throughout Ballylaghnan for his raseible nature. Only through Mrs. Troy's generosity was Silver able to withstand the cruel treatment he received from his new master. But man was not the only object of fear in this strange world. Snow and Silver might have perished. Safe with Sorrell, he soon recovers and regains his sense of joy while Seamus plots to destroy him. Obsessed with this desire, the tinker finds Sorrell, renders him unconscious and suddenly finds himself face to face with a dog turned killer. Fortunately for Silver, Seamus Troy destroys himself as he prepares to fight off the animal. Touches of melodrama are entirely forgivable in this rhythmic Trish tale filled with the flavor of folk lore.

Publisher: McKay