A DOG TO TRUST by Joseph E. Chipperfield


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Ralph Hardy, a book illustrator, is a sensitive man in his twenties, spending a vacation in southern England. John Ash, a friendly chap who raises Alsatians, encounters the day-dreaming artist while walking with one of his pups, Arno. As the two chat, a runaway horse comes thundering down upon them, carrying Ash's daughter, Marion. The daydreamer comes to the rescue, grabs the reins, and feels the horse's hooves on his face. When he regains consciousness he's blind! Ash ships Arno off to dog guide school and prepares him to act as Ralph's seeing eye. All is well -- until when Ralph begins to regain his sight, the dog loses his. The author maintains this fantastic pace until the end, and crams in even more drama-- Ralph and Marion will marry, of course. Contrived past the point of any credibility -- by the author of The Gray Dog From Galtymore (1962, 116, J-44) & others.

Publisher: McKay