MISSION TO MOSCOW by Joseph E. Devics


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From his diary, journal, reports to Washington, letters, this is Ambassador of his stay in Moscow in 1937 and 1938. As a picture and an interpretation of Russia, which the book is, it lacks the vitality and depth of the Duranty book, on the Hindus book. It is also overlong, reiterative, with the duplication of material from diary to journal journal to letters, etc. Interviews, sightseeing, inspection trips, entertainments, a year's observation on all phases of Russia which leads to these primary conclusions. That Russia is a capitalistic form of socialism, that the personal profit motive had to be restored to industry, that Stalin's grip on the country has never relaxed, etc. And at the clone he brings the book up to date with his opinions on the war, and Russia's chances which be Sulleven infinitely greater than attributed to her. Not another Dodd, but an interesting, extensive report.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1942
Publisher: Simon & Schuster