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BLACKJACK by Joseph E. Kelleam


By Joseph E. Kelleam

Pub Date: March 18th, 1948
Publisher: Wm. Sloane Associates

A first novel of the roller coaster of oil boom fortunes, financial and personal, that has an authentic feel in its material, and a concise directness in its characterization which makes a claim for something different in the rental field at least. The sudden riches and accelerated living brought about by black gold were ushered in by Quincy J. (Boom Town) McGuire, who acquired fame in his promotion of Blackjack, Oklahoma, and his partner Charlie, who made and lost his wealth on lease trading. There is a young rancher who brings word of the first gusher -- whose land is ruined by the oil and who almost gives up in the days of easy money, gambling and drink. There are two girls, both determined in their aims, one of whom establishes a respectable business, the other becomes a figure of scandal; a gambler who nears insanity until he brings in his friend's well; an Indian to whom the oil wealth meant luxuries of which he had dreamed but who is saved by a practical wife; there are the long range ways in which oil changes all of life. Hysteria- and aftermath-masculine appeal. Promising first novel.