BEST OF AMAZING by Joseph -Ed. Ross
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Amazing was the very first all-science fiction paperback established in 1926 by a far-sighted genius named Hugo Gernsback. This is a tribute to him and his ""scientifiction"" with stories by such as Asimov, Leinster, Wyndham. Old timer David H. Keller's The Worm reprinted here for the first time is a little horror classic contrasting nicely with the lyricism of Frank Herbert's Try to Remember when the human race is asked to communicate or die, or the poignancy of John Beyron Harris' story from the '30's about The Lost Machine that leaves a suicide note. There's also a charming if sad tale when man meets the creatures from Sunfire in Edmond Hamilton's quickie. Why Sci-Fi? It's not too Amazing considering the nine representatives here.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday