THE ALTERNATE CASE by Joseph F. Dinneon


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Report repeated from page 68 of the January 15th bulletin, as follows: ""A reporter's rewrite of an incorrectly concluded case parallels the earlier Anatomy of a Crime (1954-Scribner- which was the Brink robbery) and it is an efficient expose. James Preston, of the Bay City Journal, has for twenty years made the confidence man, charmer and congenital liar, Bill Kendall, his personal assignment. He tells the story of the hoist of a Transfer Company which netted Kendall- and his confederates-some $1,200,200- in mostly unusable, hot money. A syndicate project, this is the explicit dossier on the mon involved in it, the planning of the hold-up, and the trail some years later, based entirely on the identification by one man of another gang- so that the 'alternate' case brings the wrong men to book, while Preston is left with the actual record as confided to him by Kendall. As was the earlier book, an undemonstrative, effective account for the true crime fancier.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1959
Publisher: Little, Brown