OUR THREATENED PLANET by Joseph F. Goodavage


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Deluge and catastrophe, mysterious irresistible forces and secret manipulations, storms on the sun and imminent earth endings. . . so the plot of this Velikovskian pretense to science goes. One is tempted to classify books like this as the sad, possibly paranoid reflections of a troubled mind. But Goodavage is enthusiastic, even exuberant; his dire predictions sound like fun and games. Astrological games, that is. For what Goodavage is saying is that it is planetary influences on solar gravitation as well as sun, moon, and remote stars which affect earth's climate and weather. What's more fantastic, supercreatures of antediluvian cultures knew about this and were able to predict weather years in advance. All that knowledge went down with the flood or with the burnings of libraries, alas, except for the work of a few enlightened individuals who have rediscovered the rules of ""astrometeorology."" Read on, readers, to learn that ""south"" always loses in terrestrial affairs, that even now our enemies may be tampering with the ionosphere, that earthquakes are predictable, that living and breathing Martian cells exist, or that the giant planets are moving to rendezvous on the far side of the sun in the 1980s--with shivering consequences for earthlings. Maybe you will discover the system that ties everything together. . . ""a gargantuan task, possibly beyond our present capabilities, but I don't think so,"" says Goodavage. Lots of luck.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Simon & Schuster