SITUATION ETHICS: The New Morality by Joseph Fletcher


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Aware that his position is sometimes viewed by critics as a ""non-system of nonethics"", the author, who teaches Christian Ethics at the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, undertakes a full exposition of his approach to the problem of ethics in our day. After reviewing three possible concepts of ethics as legalism, antinomism, and ""situationism,"", he proceeds to present the six propositions that constitute the framework of situation ethics. Preceding there are four ""working principles"" in the form of Pragmatism, Relativism, Positivism, and Personalism. Love takes the central position in situation ethics as ""the only good"" and the only form of ethical behavior. Love and justice thus become the same thing. Love, however, is not necessarily liking one's neighbor; it justifies its means, and makes its decisions in the ""there and then"" of each situation. These propositions are developed with considerable allusion to ethical thinkers, both contemporary and classical. The result is a solidly executed account of an ethical point of view that is commanding more and more attention today. For students and teachers, but also for all concerned readers who are involved in reshaping the ethical outlook of the times.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1966
ISBN: 0664257615
Publisher: Westminster