THE ONE GREAT CHURCH: Adventures of Faith by Joseph Fort Newton

THE ONE GREAT CHURCH: Adventures of Faith

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In this volume there are brought together a number of essays and addresses by Dr. Newton, well-known in this country and abroad because of his successful pastorates in various denominations and because of his prolific writing. The first essay from which the volume takes its name is deliberately timely, being aimed to prepare the minds of the readers for the meeting of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam. Dr. Newton's varied experiences with different branches of the Protestant Church enables him to write sympathetically and understandingly of the united impact of the church which he expects to issue from the meeting at Amsterdam. Other chapters deal with theological questions, faith, salvation, with practical problems such as marriage, religion and health, what to do with life today. Dr. Newton also indulges himself in one chapter in the satisfaction of reviewing the reviews made of his recently published autobiography, River of Years. This is neither a profound nor an especially significant book, but Dr. Newton is always urbane and readable.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan