RETREAT AND RECALL by Joseph G. E. Hopkins


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Patriot's Progress (p. 480, 1961) told how young Massachusetts physician John Frayne decided for the Revolutionary cause in 1776. Retreat and Recall takes up his story at the battle of Fort Washington, where he is ministering to the troops and is taken prisoner by the British. He escapes from the North Dutch Church while on grave-digging detail and takes refuge in the home of Oliver Higgins, who puts him to work in his intelligence system. As Absalom Prentiss, shopman in a Tory printing establishment, John makes the acquaintance of Captain Blythe, who introduces him into Tory society, where he meets the lush Mrs. Forbes, who at first attracts, then repels him. In the shop he confronts Alison, his old love, now the mistress of General Howe, whose movements he is trying to foretell. At the close, he goes to General Washington with this information passed on to him by Blythe, but his message is discounted as counter-intelligence and he returns to the battlefield as surgeon. This is only by the way a novel; as a picture of how people felt in a chaotic time of prime importance to our country it has solid value. It is particularly suited in depth and tone for the young adult reader, and should find a ready audience at that level.

Publisher: Scribners