RETREAT AND RECALL by Joseph G.E. Hopkins


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Patriot's Progress (1961, p. 480) recounted the story of how young Massachusetts physical John Trayne decided for the Revolutionary cause in 1776. Retreat and Recall takes up his story at the battle of Port Washington where he is ministering to the troops when he is taken prisoner by the British. He escapes from a gravedigging detail and gets put to work in intelligence, which introduces him to various levels of Tory and Rebel society and adds to his experience of women. This is only by the way a novel; its value lies in its historic detail and its picture of chaos affecting the lives and thinking of young people caught up in the war. Patriot's Progress was recommended by the National Council of Teachers of English and this is written in the same style with the same restraint.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1966
Publisher: Scribners