UP AT CITY HIGH by Joseph Gollb
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Democracy at work -- Jeff Bennett, 16, left alone in a small Wiscoin dairy center, has heard about the ""skyscraper high school"" in New York where democratic principles are practised. He has been left just enough money to get there. In his first days he meets unfriendliness, and disillusioning treatment of Jew and Negre by one of the powerful ""gang"" in the school. The story that fellows gets right down into problems of racial discrimination, fascist organization, prejudice and intolerance. Jeff with the underdog and becomes a leader. Well-drawn background of the city, of school life, sports, ralli, etc. A school election brings things to a head -- Jeff can't face the discovery that the son of a leader of the White America First party is being engineered through dirty politics into control, and runs away, back to Wincosin. But he realizes that thod won't win battles -- returns -- and finds that, in his absence, he has been chosen President of the Council. Melodramatic -- yes -- but effective propaganda, convincingly done in terms of average boy experience. Good -- and needed.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace