THE M.G. STORY by Joseph H. Wherry


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This details the history of this snappy British sports car from oil to coil. The M.G.'s genesis began in the Morris Garage empire back in the 1800's, where the first model was developed by one Cecil Kimber, a genius of a general manager. Since then it has become famous for style and ""Safety Fast"" achievements. This book, part of a series, will be of interest to the automotive buff but the amateur will be put off by the technical phraseology and terminology in paragraphs that run to: ""With a Zoller 4RA blower running at 28 psi boost, the bhp was 110 at 6,500 rpm; and with the standard 4.125 to 1 rear axle gears, 20.2 mph was listed per 1,000 rpm."" Special.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1967
Publisher: Chilton