GOD WITH US: A Theology of Transpersonal Life by Joseph Haroutunian

GOD WITH US: A Theology of Transpersonal Life

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The author uses the term, ""Transpersonal,"" in the title to indicate that the individual human being emerges through his communion with other persons. A person is a social and not natural entity. The paradigm for the transpersonal life of Christians is to be found in their communion with Jesus Christ. Most of the chapters were delivered as addresses at various theological seminaries, and have been revised and integrated for this book. The topics covered include: Towards a New Image of Man; The Doctrine of the Church; The Spirit of the Living God; The Knowledge of God in the Church; Three Dimensions of Will and Willing Grace and Freedom Reconstructed; The Problem of Love; The Prospect of Love; Freedom and Liberty; and a concluding chapter on Theology of Communion--Proposals for Inquiry. Although well supported by theological resources, the book often seems to move little beyond a restatement of theological positions widely understood. It will disappoint most readers whose acquaintance with current understandings of personal relationships as described by behavorial sciences would lead them to welcome a more precise and relevant statement of the theological counterparts of these scientific statements. In this respect, the title raises expectations that are not gratified by the treatment.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1965
ISBN: 1556350082
Publisher: Westminster