HAWAII: Restless Rampart by Joseph Jr. Barber

HAWAII: Restless Rampart

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The Hawaiian Islands are the vital point in our Pacific defense, and are constantly in the news. This is an attempt to outline the scope and the direction of issues in Hawaii, showing how their interplay is affecting life there. The historical background is sketched, with an outline of the rapid development since coming under U.S. jurisdiction and recognition of the contradictions concealed under the surface appearances. The author reveals the machinations of the Big Five, the industrial and business trust that controls sugar, pineapple, tourist, transportation and associated industries, and that, by importing coolie labor, has intensified a labor and racial problem beyond all expectations. Chief in this line in the Japanese problem, and Barber fears that it may well prove the thing that tips the scale towards war with Japan. The relations of Navy and Army to the civilian population is carefully analyzed, along with the activities for which the New Deal is responsible. An objective, reasonably critical and thoughtful study.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1941
Publisher: Hobbs-Merrill