ABOVE AND BEYOND by Joseph L. Schott


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Our nation's Medal of Honor, the highest of all our awards, is so difficult to attain even our greatest professional military men rarely win it. This book tells how the medal came about around the time of the Civil War, how the requirements have changed since then to win it, and how it is won by acts of valor and courage today. In telling the story of the medal, the author takes us many places and into many harrowing scenes of combat. On the trail of Geronimo deep into Mexico--into Manila Bay in 1898 with Sergeant York, Eddie Rickenbacker, or Frank, Luke in World War I--on the Lindbergh flight and into the battlefields of World War II and Korea--all the highlights of American adventure and combat since the Civil War are included. A list of winners of the medal forms an appendix. The author's style is rather undistinguised, and he is guilty of dullness at times, but over all he has produced a valuable and interesting piece of Americana.

Publisher: Putnam