THE GOLDEN FLEECE by Joseph L. Seldin


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The title tells the story. Advertising, be it profession, trade or aberration has been torpedoed by business men, the clergy and government; now it is bombed from within by an adman. Not that Mr. Seldin denounces his bread-and-butter by editorial comment, but rather by assembling a horrifying array of lies, distortions, exaggerations, foolishness and the damning statements of public figures and organizations. From the aphrodisiac ads of the 17th century to the mass media and TV of the 20th, the business is held up as a multi-faceted tale told by a multiplicity of idiots. Not all were idiots, of course; many were knaves. There is a light leavening of praise, including kudos by FDR and Churchill, but the net effect is depressing for anyone with a lingering liking for Madison Avenue. One must second the statement of the Advertising Age, that ""improbable nonsense will not perish from the earth"".

Pub Date: May 6th, 1963
Publisher: Macmillan