THE FIFTEEN WEEKS by Joseph M. Jones


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An accurate, first-hand record of how the Marshall Plan came into existence, this is at once the story of America's assumption of leadership in world affairs and a uniquely intimate glimpse into the processes of' history. Joseph Jones, a former editor of Fortune and economic and political assistant in the State Department, was at the heart of events from the moment in February, 1947, when England requested American aid for Greece and Turkey. He also participated directly in the preparations for the speech announcing the Truman Doctrine and Marshall's own address at Harvard. Jones shows circumstantially why all of democratic Europe was threatened with destitution if the Marshall Plan had not been effected; he enters into the powerful objections which at once confronted the idea of aid to Europe- objections based partly upon ""containment"" principles and most of all upon the danger of sidestepping the U.N. Finally, ha describes how the Marshall Plan changed the attitudes of foreign policy- makers and brought them to a new kind of global thinking. Objective, specific, vigorously written, this commands respect both as history and as a pertinent statement on current affairs. For a Time audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1955
ISBN: 0156306999
Publisher: Viking