SIGNS IN THE STORM by Joseph Nemes
Kirkus Star


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A moving story of a young Hungarian's experiences as a prisoner of the Communists and of his escape to a free country. Joseph Nemes, a leader of Christian youth groups, was branded as a dangerous reactionary because he believed and taught that a man could not be a Communist and a Christian at the same time. The record of the hardships and indignities he suffered is not very different from the experiences of many others who have endured similar hardships, but his testimony to his Christian faith and the description of his encounter at the utmost depth of his suffering with the living Christ, who alone set him free, is Christian witness at its highest, and the courage and the human dignity it portrays is contagious to the reader. It is a spiritual adventure story which no reader will want to put down until he has finished it. It is a fair book which avoids the easy traps of lurid sensationalism. Both young and adult will find it rewarding and heartening.

ISBN: 054843901X
Publisher: Abingdon