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GOODBYE JAPAN by Joseph Newman



Publisher: L. B. Fischer

The New York Herald Tribune's Tokyo correspondent contributes a background book on Japan which should stand with Hugh Byaa' Japanese Enemy, which it with and amplifies. Perhaps not an Abend, Flelacher, or Hindus in sales potentialities, but a well informed and highly informing job. How Japan did not import her dictatorship but has witnessed its growth for three centuries under the shadow of an emperor in name only, instered by the militarists and the merchants. The Japanese Bible, released several months ago, announcing her empire aims; puppets and propagandists in neighboring kingdors; its worldwide radio, its handling of the press. Its strengthening of imperialism as blundering Konoye bowed out to Tojo; the new and lower standard of living, the domestic province of multiplication and marriage, shints. Popular in handling, and readable.