THE PRIDE OF STATE by Joseph P. Morray


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This controversial study of patriotism by a non-Communist professor of Law at the University of California analyzes various forms of patriotism, past and present, and pleads for a wider concept of patriotism in America, ""now showing signs of an arrogance that has always been the peculiar peril of great men and great states."" Some of the author's statements are overcast by recent events; others are so tinged with bias that their validity may be questioned. Deploring the Smith Act, as do many Americans, the author bravely asks for a greater sympathy for American Communists: ""They may be misguided. But their intentions are generous,"" and they should not be condemned as enemies of freedom -- ""anyone who lacks the strength of mind to be generous with the American Communists lacks a part of the stuff of patriotism;"" bracketing Churchill with Hitler and Mussolini he states that Churchill ""having led his own country to a glorious breakdown and decline through victorious war ... this modern Pericles has now flattered America into the responsibility of carrying on the Anglo-Saxon hegemony of the world."" Narrowly limited in appeal, this book is certain to infuriate many honest American patriots and should please fellow-travelers and Communists; the fact that it can be published today indicates that American patriotism is in a healthier state than the author believes.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1959
Publisher: Beacon Press