KING'S ARROW by Joseph Patrick


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The confused months leading up to the outbreak of the American Revolution involved many on both sides the water and in ways that proved as devious as the emotions and loyalties that launched them. Stephen Pearse, Edinburgh medical student, is caught in a mesh of events;- he falls in love with Deborah Lewis; he spots dishonesty in a card trickster trusted by Deborah's father; he wounds (and thinks he has killed) him in a duel; and he escapes, only to be picked up by a press gang and put aboard a ship in his Majesty's Navy. Again escape- this time at Martinique -- and eventually he finds himself involved in smuggling, skirting the illegal, under the protection of John Hancock, in behalf of the Colonies. Then again his path crosses that of Deborah, now in America, and married to Tom Lord, prosperous Loyalist merchant, who had taken her under his wing when she needed a friend. And of his ancient enemy, Richard Neville, still in Deborah's confidence. Almost too late, she finds him out, after her husband's death -- and Stephen is reinstated, though at the price of his newfound allegiance to the cause of liberty. He finds it a price he cannot pay, and as rebellion bursts into flames, he breaks the news to Deborah- and finds that she is ready to accept allegiance to the cause he has chosen. Patly plotted and superficially motivated, but done with zest and pace; good yarn spinning in the manner of Van Wyck Mason. For that audience.

Publisher: Lippincott