A CATHOLIC CASE AGAINST  by Joseph S. J.- Ed. O'Neill


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The race question is here thoroughly discussed in its essential aspects by respected authorities aware of the complexity of the social issue of segregation. The seven essays in the book conclusively analyze and destroy the image of the current American Negro as a congenitally inferior person. The contributors include Robert W. Gleason on the immorality of segregation: Arthur A North on the constitutionality issue; John W. Donohue on public school education is the South; Robert F. Drinan on the law and the Negro in the North; Joseph II Fichter on the sociocultural future and Ann Anastasi on Psychological research and it's findings in the area of education. The book concludes with a summation by the champion of interracial justice and charity, John A. LaFarge, who appeals to Catholics to become more fully involved in working for this objective. Father O'Neill has performed a tremendous service to all who seek a fuller understanding of this complex social issue of our time. This hopeful roundup of candid and straightforward analyses points the way to great progress in Father LaFarge's words ""to the building of the City of God

Publisher: Macmillan