VERSE YET! by Joseph S. Newman


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A bulky -- but light -- collection of poems in praise of, ""fur and agin"", about him and her -- and me, on foul play, everything, and on poetry itself, displays a nimbleness of wit as well as of versification and an impertinent view of present matters. Conformity, roadside advertisements, politics, reading problems, inventions and modern manifestations of questionable progress, etc., are some of the targets and there are commentaries on insects and animals, the bomb and current art; there are puns and puns and agile word play; there's a section of Father Goose and another which puts the dictionary through its paces in rhyme. Energetic, rather than inspired, exercises, these take -- and make -- their fun where they find it.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1959
Publisher: World